12th Man Photo & Game Used Ball /




This is a 15×17 inch black step wood framed and matted 12th man photo. This photo piece is limited to 500 individually numbered photos. Included with each photo is a piece of game used football from one of the Seahawks games this year. The footballs used were sent from the NFL to mounted memories the manufacturer of the framed photo. The framed photo comes with historic plaque mounted next to the piece of game used football. “IN 1984 THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS RETIRED THE #12 JERSEY TO HONOR THE FANS AND INDICTED THE #12 INTO THE FRANCHISE’S RING OF HONOR.THE #12 SIGNIFYING THE ROLE THAT THE LOUDEST CROWD IN THE NFL PLAYS, HELPS GIVE THE SEAHAWKS THE BEST HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE IN THE LEAGUE.IN 2005, ON THE WAY TO THEIR FIRST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP IN TEAM HISTORY, THE SEAHAWKS WENT 10-0 AT HOME THANKS IN PART TO CROWD NOISE THAT MADE AUDIBLING IMPOSSIBLE AND FORCED A LEAGUE LEADING NUMBER OF FALSE STARTS PENALTIES BY THE VISITING TEAMS. THIS PIECE CONTAINS AN ACTUAL PIECE OF GAME-IUSED FOOTBALL FORM A SEAHAWKS GAME.” Limited to 500 individually numbered peices. 89.95 $15.00 SHIPPING Click here to see a larger image of this product.