1942 Yankees Louisville Slugger Black Bat




This bat is an authentic Louisville Slugger Black Bat from 1942; an American League Champions Bat given to each member of the New York Yankees. At the start of a World Series two Black Bats were placed in the locker of each player on a team’s roster as a gift from Louisville Slugger. The bats also were given to members of the League and front office staffs – making these very rare, as less than 100 were made and given away each season. These bats were NEVER sold to the public, and this particular bat is in very good condition. They have facsimile signatures of the entire team in gold on a dark black ebony bat. Names in script for Hillerich & Bradsby endorsees and block letter for non endorsed players. Due to the rare nature of this bat we must charge your credit card for the full price immediately upon taking your order. This policy ensures we reserve the bat for you. We will confirm your order by Email. This bat is not game used. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery. THIS BAT IS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION . IT IS A BLACK 1942 AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS  YANKEE BAT AT THE START OF A WORLD SERIES  TWO BATS WERE PLACED IN  THE LOCKER OF EACH PLAYER ON THE ROSTER AS A GIFT FROM LOUISVILLE SLUGGER. BATS WERE ALSO GIVEN TO THE LEAGUE OFFICE AND TEAM OFFICE MEMEBERS, SO THE BLACK BATS ARE VERY RARE WITH WELL UNDER 100 GIVEN AWAY. THESE BATS WERE NEVER SOLD TO THE PUBLIC $895