1977 Chicago Cubs Team Signed Baseball




This baseball is signed by the members of the 1977 Chicago Cubs on a NM unofficial baseball – 29 members are presented in solid ball-point ink, including the following: manager Herman Franks, Ray Burris, Jim Todd, Donnie Moore, Bill Buckner, Rick Reuschel, Bobby Murcer and many others.  Die-hard Cubs fans will recognize and cherish the value of the men who played for their beloved team that season. Here is a complete list of signatures, as well as where each appears on the ball. SWEET SPOT HERMAN FRANKS LABEL JOSE CARDENAL WEST RICK REUSHCEL BOBBY MURCER LARRY BITTNER JACK BLOOMFIELD MIKE KRUKOW RAY BURRIS EAST BILL BUCKNER DAVE GIUST PEANUTS LOWRY STEVE SWISHER STEVE RENKO DAVE ROBERTS NORTH PANEL GENE CLINES PAUL REUSHEL BILL BONHAM PETE BRORGE WILLIE HERNANDEZ GREGG GROSS SOUTH MANNY TRILLO BOBBY DARWIN STEVE ONTIVROS MIKE KRUKOW (again) GEORGE MITTERWALD Due to the unique nature of this item we will charge your credit card for the full amount immediately upon taking your order. This policy ensures we reserve the ball for you. We will confirm your order by Email. This ball is not game used. Please allow at least 1 week for delivery.