2007 NBA Finals Comemorative Basketball – Limited Edition




Fans of both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs will love this collectible NBA Finals basketball celebrating the championship series between these two fine teams. Order yours now. This limited edition 2007 NBA Finals Commemorative Basketball collectible is made by Spalding, and is the same GAME ball used in the NBA games. However, in honor of the Championship series, a special laser engraved panel was added featuring a Finals logo and the names of the two teams. ONLY 1,000 balls are available and each will be hand-numbered 1 – 1,000. Order yours now!. This is the perfect addition to your collection and it makes a great gift for any fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers or the San Antonio Spurs. Your Limited Edition 2007 NBA Finals Commemorative Basketball collectible is MADE IN AMERICA, and will arrive in its Spalding box. This is the finest basketball you can purchase and after 1,000 are sold no more will be available. There will be no issuing of a second edition, so order yours now! These balls are not game used. Your credit card will be charged immediately upon placing your order so we can reserve your LIMITED EDITION collectible.