BCS Championship ND v Alabama Event Football




On Jan. 7, 2013, the University of Alabama and Notre Dame will meet to decide who is the land’s best college football team. This year’s BCS Championship Game should prove to be one of the best and most memorable as two great teams battle for the title. To celebrate this annual Championship meeting we are pleased to present this fine BCS Championship Game Event Football honoring both teams for their season-long efforts toward dominance. This fine collectible features a white panel with full-color BCS Championship logo, and includes the logos of both teams competing in the title game, as well as the date of this season’s game. This is a limited edition piece so order yours now before fans from both schools buy them all. Due to the limited nature of this item we must charge your credit card for the full price immediately upon taking your order. This policy ensures we reserve a ball for you. We will confirm your order by Email. This ball is not game used. Order before Dec. 17 to receive your ball in time for the holidays.