Civil Confederate $10 Note


This is an authentic 1864 Confederate $10 Note packaged in a Castilian black currency folder with a full Certificate of Authenticity. Each note is numbered and signed by Confederate officials for Register and the Treasurer.  Issued over a century ago, these amazing 1864 $10 notes in Circulated condition are from the seventh and last issue of Confederate currency.Measuring approximately 7½ x 3½, Features central vignette of Confederate Field Artillery in action. Portrait of R.M.T. Hunter, former Virginia Senator and short-term Confederate Secretary of State. The Confederate States of America issued a total of seven sets of currency during its existence beginning with the Act of March 9th, 1861 and ending with the Act of February 17th, 1864. The first notes were issued through the Confederacy’s original capital of Montgomery, Alabama and this 1864 Note is the Last Issue Note issued in Richmond, Virginia. Bill comes in a protective folder with brief narrative describing the Confederacy’s fiscal background and plan to fund the war. A certificate of Authenticity is included. This is a rare find that any collector will cherish. Order it now. Due to the rare nature of this piece we must charge your credit card for the full amount immediately upon taking your order. This will ensure we reserve the item for you. We will confirm your order by Email. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.