“Civil War Battles” video presentation


Relive the greatest crisis ever faced by the United States as this DVD brings to life Civil War Battles. This meticulously produced video account of the War Between the States provides viewers, through extensive color reenactments, with important facts and details of the key battles that shaped the Civil War and its eventual outcome. Students, historians, collectors and many others will find great enjoyment in this unique perspective. Order your copy today. Witness four years of terrible campaigns that cut a swath of destruction from Virginia to the Mississippi River and beyond. Recounted in over 4 captivating hours, the battle and leaders of the American Civil War are brought to life. DVD Chapters include: The Battle Cry of Freedom, The Citizen Armies, First Manassas, The Drive to Henry House Hill, Stonewall, The Battle of Shiloh, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, South Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorsville, The Road to Gettysburg, Gettysburg First day, Second day and Third Day, Grant Takes Command, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Yellow Tavern to Cold Harbor, Petersburg. Atlanta Campaign, Johnston Falls back, Kennesaw Line, Atlanta End Game, Saylers Creek. DVD Extras include Civil War Espionage, Cavalry in the Civil War, Prisoners of War, reconstruction and the KKK.   Order yours now to obtain this fine historical retelling of one of this country’s most pivotal eras.We will confirm your order by Email. This video is in stock now and ready to ship.