Detroit Tigers 2011 AL Champs Louisville Slugger




On the arm of Justin Verlander, and with some clutch hitting, the Tigers won Game 5 in Detroit and sent the ALCS back to Texas. That seemed to be all the spark they needed as the Tigers pulled off what many thought they could not and defeated the Rangers 7 games to claim the American League Pennant. This is an authentic Detroit Tigers 2011 AL Champions Louisville Slugger bat made exclusively for Motor City fans. Created using the same techniques as all bats made for major league hitters. It is made to the same or similar specifications as bats used in games, and is laser-engraved, turned and treated like every bat made by the legendary Louisville Slugger company. It is a Limited Edition so you must order now. This authentic Louisville Slugger bat features the scores of each ALCS game played, and makes a beautiful collectible that every Tigers fan would love to have for the wall in their home or office. The bat is part of a Limited Edition offer so you must order now! Due to the limited edition supply of these AL Champion bats we must charge your credit card for the full amount immediately upon receiving your order. This ensures we reserve a bat for you. We will confirm your order by Email. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. This bat is not game used.