Distance Pro GPS Golf Glove for Women




This order page is for the Bluetooth-enabled GPS Technology Golf Glove worn by Women golfers on the LEFT hand – for right-handed golfers. AVAILABLE NOW! The Zero FrictionTM DistanceProTM GPS Glove is the ultimate in accuracy and convenience — powered by Bluetooth®, the device sits comfortably on the glove flap and weighs less than half an ounce. As you approach your shot, the read-out gives front, center and back distance to the green — with over 35,000 golf courses programmed worldwide, you will never be left without accurate distance. Shot planning allows you to view the distance to any point on the course. Shot distance measurement; compatible with IOS and Android (Samsung Galaxy Models. At Zero Friction, we strive to create technologically advanced products to enhance performance. • Get precise measurements of each shot you hit.  Show off your driving distance to your friends! • Includes 2 gloves, 1 GPS device and ZF App, GPS device is removable and easily placed on the other glove as well as replacement gloves in the future. •  Available in Men’s & Ladies Synthetic – Elite performance material • Universal Compression Fit: one size – Molds to hand/Guaranteed Fit • Waterproof up to 10 meters • One Button overhead Green View Access 400 hour battery life for the device – no recharging The ZF app does not include any pop up advertising, just golf One of the most breathable and comfortable gloves on the market GPS device weights less than 1 once Recent winner of the ING most innovative new products at the PGA Show in Orlando   FREE packet of golf tees with every glove order. Just provide the required information below and we’ll be in touch to complete your order. FREE packet of golf tees with every glove order.