Exclusive Brett Favre Vikings Art Football




Future Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre is now donning the purple and gold, poised to lead the Minnesota Vikings on a quest for their first ever Super Bowl Championship. To commemorate Brett’s return to the NFC North Division Spike Football is pleased to release this Officially Licensed Exclusive Brett Favre Art Football featuring the amazing and vivid talents of renown sports artist Al Sorenson. This beautiful full size football portrays Favre in his Vikings uniform, a listing of his career accomplishments and a display of Vikings’ history. Each full size football includes its own display holder from which you and your friends can admire this handsome piece of sports art. This is a limited edition collectible and fans of Favre, the Vikings and perhaps even the Green Bay Packers are sure to generate swift demand for this unique piece of Brett Favre memorabilia. You must place your order now as a complete sell out is expected. Due to the very limited nature of this officially licensed full size football collectible we will charge your credit card for the full amount of your purchase immediately upon receiving your order to ensure we reserve your football. We will confirm your order by Email. This ball is not game used. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Each football includes a display stand and a numbered certificate of authenticity. About the Artist In the past few years Al Sorenson has launched himself into the upper echelon of sports art. With minimal formal training, he relies on his raw ability to bring his subjects to life. The use of color and how it can create a feeling of excitement and provoke one’s imagination have amazed Al since his childhood. He uses brilliant and explosive colors to capture the mood and draw on a viewer’s emotions to make a strong connection between the art and those viewing it. Whether painting a vintage stadium or one of the sports world’s greats, Al interjects the excitement he experiences into every masterpiece he creates. From the finest detail to the large strokes of color, some of professional sport’s greatest images have been captured forever on canvas. Mr. Sorenson’s completed giclee’s honoring the final season of both Shea Stadium and historic Yankee Stadium, as well as White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle and his Perfect Game. Sorenson’s paintings are scheduled to appear at the Sports Museum of America in New York, and he’s currently working on a production of Wrigley Field for a US postage stamp.