Mets 2005 Team Signature Bat




THIS IS THE FULL-SIZE LOUISVILLE SLUGGER 2005 METS TEAM SIGNATURE BAT. THE BAT HAS THE FACSIMILE SIGNATURES OF THE METS ROSTER LASER ENGRAVED ON THE BAT. Heilman,Beltran,Castro, Cameron,Floyde, Benson,Piazza, Ishii,Woodward,Bell,Glavine,Mientkiewicz,Martinez,Reyes,Heredia,De Jean,Matsui,Cario,Wright,Looper,Diaz,Zambrano,Graves,Hernandez,Anderson,Aybar, THE BAT IS MAPLE AND WEIGHS 42 OUNCES AND IS APPROX 35 INCHES. THIS IS A SPECTACULAR BAT. THIS BAT IS NOT SOLD IN ANY STORES AND LOUISVILLE SLUGGER IS THE OFFICIAL BAT OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.$129.95 $20.00 S+HClick here for a larger image of this bat.