NFC Champion Green Bay Packers Deluxe Two Ball Set with Display Cases




We will never run out of ways to celebrate the Green Bay Packers’ trip to the Super Bowl! Green Bay fans are whooping it up as their storied franchise makes plans for the Super Bowl in Dallas. Packers Championship Season memorabilia is in great demand, so we are pleased to present a custom NFC Champions Green Bay Packers Deluxe Two Ball Set with Display Cases, featuring Authentic Wilson Footballs embossed with logos, game scores and dates. This is a very Limited Edition set created especially for Packers fans. Place your order now to ensure you receive one of only 100 available sets. Wilson is the official football of the NFL, and we created this very special deluxe set, which includes TWO football display cases, especially for Packers fans celebrating this special season. This price includes one NFC Championship Game football, one Green Bay Packers NFC Champions football AND two beautiful Acrylic Football Cases in which to display this authentic Wilson Football set Get your deluxe set today before they are sold out. Due to the limited number of deluxe Two Ball Sets available we will charge your credit card for the full purchase amount immediately upon receiving the order. We will confirm your order by Email. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. These balls are not game used.