SFG 107 Wins Chrome Helmet



In 139 Major League seasons, the Giants have never won 107 games in a season until 2021.  In game 162, the Giants earned their 107th win of the season and surpassed the 1904 New York Giants for the most wins in franchise history.  To honor this record setting group, we are proud to release the SFG 107 Wins Chrome Helmet.
This full-size replica batting helmet is silver chromed in a special 13-step process which creates a mirror finish.  The helmet also features original reproduced artwork commissioned specifically for their 107 wins record.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.


This helmet is a commemorative souvenir display product only and must not be worn. It has no protective value. Severe injury and/or death may result if the wearer is struck by a pitched, thrown, or batted ball, or any other object, while wearing this helmet. By purchasing this helmet, the purchaser agrees that they will not wear the helmet or allow anyone else to wear the helmet for protective purposes.

Quantity Available: 5000