Special Release Jon Lester Rawlings Gold Baseball




A truly unique collectible for baseball fans. This authentic Rawlings Gold Baseball created for Chicago Cubs off-season signing and No. 1 starter Jon Lester is stamped with the dates of his Cubs debut, the date of his No Hitter, and notable career highlights “2X WS Champ” and “3X All Star.” Each ball arrives in a custom display case that includes a photograph of Lester. Get your limited edition Gold Baseball today. Due to the limited edition release of this item we must charge your credit card for the full price immediately upon taking your order. This policy ensures we reserve a ball for you. We will confirm your order by e-mail. This ball is not game used. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Golden Sport partnered with Rawlings to expand on a trusted legacy of manufacturing fine leather goods. Since Rawlings’ inception in 1887, its mission has centered on developing innovative, high-performance equipment and accessories. The official ball supplier of Major League Baseball, Rawlings has set the standard. Golden Sport is taking those tenants – of crafting fine leather goods – and enhancing them. Realigning the molecules, manufacturing a golden hide so durable and unique that Rawlings would stamp its name there. Once the golden hides are manufactured, Golden Sport ships them to the Rawlings factory. There, hides are hand-stitched with great care and precision. Once the hides are sewn together, the ball is stamped with the “Rawlings” and “Official Major League Baseball” logos. Golden Sport balls boast the same circumference and weight of Rawlings’ official MLB balls. These are the same types of balls that are used as the Golden Balls in recent Home Run Derby exhibitions.   Science behind the Gold: So how does 24 Karat Gold get fused into an MLB Baseball?  The Gold is applied by a vapor deposition technology frequently used in today’s semiconductor industry. Known as “Sputtering,” the process ejects atoms from a target source material (gold) and deposits those atoms into a substrate (leather).  A vacuum chamber machine is first filled with an inert gas that applies a negative charge to pure 24-karat gold bars – causing the gold to melt down into its atomic form. The gas ions accelerate towards the machine’s magnets, carrying enough energy to knock off or “sputter” some of the gold. The magnets then direct sputtered gold onto the American leather hides.  The sputtering technology is 100 percent environmentally friendly and leaves the leather feeling soft and untreated. Unlike plating or foil, the deposition process does not affect the ball’s natural state.