Vintage 1959 All Stars Signed Ball – Mantle on the Sweet Spot




This is a vintage baseball signed by participants in the 1959 All Star Game – featuring the autograph of Mickey Mantle on the Sweet Spot. This is a very unique piece that will make a fine addition to any collection, and includes the signatures of 8 other members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. A little about this ball …  The Letter of Authenticity indicates the signature of Pie Traynor was “traced” by an unknown hand. The signature is legit, but traced and discovered under microscope during authentication. This ball is shellacked – as most ball from the era were for preservation purposes, and shellacking on one panel is irregular. Despite any irregularities, this ball remains a terrific value and contains the signatures of some of the games greatest players. Here is a list of those who signed the ball and each signature’s approximate location: Sweet Spot Mickey Mantle Lable E. Sawyer West Panel Pie Traynor (traced) E. Harvey M. Garcia B. Davey E. Robinson East Panel J. Bunning M. Minoso E. Runge (umpire) Leo Durocher North Panel P. Runnels R. Sivers J. Simpson South Panel S. Lollal L. Apparicio Red Schoendienst F. Falzone Al Kaline This is a great baseball that comes with a Letter of Authenticity. Due to its rare nature we must charge your credit card for the full amount immediately upon taking your order for this ball. This policy ensures we reserve the ball for you. We will confirm your order by Email. This ball is not game used. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.