2005 White Sox Division Champs Bat




This is the laser engraved full size Louisville Slugger 2005 Chicago White Sox Division Champions bat. The bat has the facsimile signatures of the following players. Everett, Uribe, Hermanson, Perez, Harris, Ozuma, Garcia, Garland, Crede, Vizcaino, Hernandez, Marte, Buerhle, Thomas, Iguchi, Politte, Konerko, Rowland, Widger, Pieczynski, Podsednik, Contreas, Cotts, Takatsu, Dye, and Jenks/ The bat weighs approx 42 ounces and is approx. 35 inches long. This is an official Louisville Slugger bat the official bat of Major League Baseball. Click here for a larger image of this bat.