Red Sox 2005 Team Signature Bat




This is the Louisville Slugger 2005 team signature bat. The bat will have the facsimile signatures of the 2005 Red Sox roster (minus Kevin Millar). The bat is made from North American hard woods and measures 35″ and weighs 42 ounces. The bat is made in the USA and there will not be a second edition. Here are the players on the bat: Varitek, Arroyo, Schilling, Ortiz, Wakefield, M.Ramirez, Mueller, Embree, Damon, Nixon, Mirabelli, Timlin, Foulke, Belhorn, Payton, W.Miller, Wells, Rentaria, Meyers, Vazquez, Halama, Mccarty, Clement, Manti, and Youkillis. Click here to see a larger image of this bat.